• Young RMLA Initiative

    Young RMLA Initiative

    The intention of the 'Young RMLA' is to provide a forum for those in the early stages of their RMA career, say up to around 5-8 years or less experience in their respective fields to meet and share experiences, and to encourage the attendance of young/new members, non-members, as well as new members to the RMLA. This will also provide a greater incentive for young practitioners to join the RMLA, network with their peers and attend seminars / functions etc that might better meet their needs.

    If you would like to register your interest in receiving information about future 'Young RMLA' events (whether or not you are an RMLA member), then please email Karol Helmink on email: karol.helmink@xtra.co.nz

    Contact details for the Auckland Young RMLA branch: Olga.Obushenkova@buddlefindlay.com