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  • RM Journal - April 2016

    Author: RMLA. Date: 26 May, 2016

    The April RMJ 2016 is now available to read, download and/or print.

    Table of Contents:

    Cover - Different kinds of argument for applying property law to resource consents, Prof B Barton

    Page 7 - Nature of a resource consent - the next instalment, Nicky McIndoe, Partner, and Anna Cameron, Solicitor, Kensington Swan Lawyers

    Page 11 - A missed opportunity?  The proposed changes to the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Act 2012, James Gardner-Hopkins, Barrister, and Simon Pilkinton, Senior Solicitor, Russell McVeagh

    Page 14 - Omitting the 'outstanding' - natural landscapes and SNAs, Sarah Ongley, Barrister and Peter Anderson, General Counsel, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ Inc

    Page 19 - Recent cases

    Page 24 - The Paris Climate Agreement - implications for NZ businesses, Professor Ralph Sims, Massey University

    Page 28 - Book review - Environmental Law in NZ

    Page 30 - Changing the resource management landscape - what is proposed and how it has been received?   Eloise Lonnberg-Shaw, Associate, McCaw Lewis Lawyers

    Page 33 - Excerpt from the Special Sitting of the Environment Court to mark the retirement of Associate Professor K Palmer

  • RM Journal - November 2015

    Author: RMLA. Date: 09 Dec, 2015

    The Resource Management Journal for November 2015 is now available to read and includes:

    Table of Contents:

    Cover – The changing face of housing for Maori

    Page 7 – Editorial

    Page 9 – Can’t get no satisfaction?  Measuring economic wellbeing under the RMA

    Page 14 – In defence of controlled activity status

    Page 19 – What happens when values are put to work?  A reflection on the outcome from a Restorative Justice Conference in the criminal division of the District Court: Environment warranted judge jurisdiction

    Page 22 – Enabling an iwi allocation of freshwater: is it a radical change?

    Page 27 – Resource management judicial reviews: when to file evidence

    Page 28 – Tenure of Resource Consents: “if it ain’t broke…”

    Page 31 – Nature of a resource consent – the debate continues

    Page 33 – Recent cases

  • RM Journal - August 2015

    Author: RMLA. Date: 16 Sep, 2015

    The August RMJ 2015 is now available to read, print or download. 

    This edition is a special themed issue on mining and we thank you everyone for your excellent contributions.

    Table of Contents:

    Cover - A turning of the tide? Tracking precaution in New Zealand environmental legislation
    Page 5 – Editorial
    Page 7 - Testing the waters: Trans-Tasman Resources and Chatham Rock Phosphate decisions
    Page 10 - Undermining conservation? The 2013 changes to the Crown Minerals Act 1991, s 61 and Schedule 4
    Page 14 - The global context of New Zealand's mining legislation
    Page 17 - New Zealand Steel Mining Ltd v Butcher
    Page 21 - In defence of existing structures for engagement between the minerals/mining industry and Maori
    Page 27 - New Zealand's international human rights obligations to iwi affected by extractive industry
    Page 31 - The public trust doctrine in New Zealand Page 32 - Recent cases

    The Editorial Committee welcome all contributions to this Journal and are now receiving articles for consideration for publication in the November 2015 edition.


  • RM Journal - April 2015

    Author: RMLA. Date: 21 May, 2015

    The April RMJ 2015 is now available to read, download and/or print.

    Table of Contents:

    Cover - Please Sir, I Want Some More
    Page 6 - Editorial
    Page 8 - “Unders and overs” approach to water quality maintenance rejected
    Page 12 - Decision on Marine Consent Application by Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd
    Page 14 - Catch 22 Salmon
    Page 16 - Government RMA reform programme — What is next?
    Page 19 - Perspectives on freshwater reform: is the Glass half-full or empty?
    Page 22 - Book reviews
    Page 25 - Case Note
    Page 27 - Letter from PE Judge LJ Newhook re Quality of professional work — Conditions of consent

  • RM Journal - November 2014

    Author: RMLA. Date: 05 Dec, 2014

    The November RMJ 2014 is now available to read, download and/or print.

    Table of Contents:

    Cover - EDS v King Salmon - the implications
    5       Editorial
    6       Collateral challenges to the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement
    8       Recent cases
    11     Papakāinga development — Turning aspiration into reality
    15     Unimplemented resource consents as part of the permitted baseline
    20     Setting the scene, address to the RMLA Conference 2014
    27     The Resource Management Act: Origins, context and intentions
    34     Book review: Climate Change and Coastal Development Law in Australia by Justine Bell
    37     RMLA 2014 Scholarship report

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