The Environmental Law Roundtable of Australia and New Zealand ("ELRANZ") is an exciting new venture that provides a real opportunity for Trans-Tasman co-operation in the development and harmonization of environmental law.


The Roundtable has been created by the National Environmental Law Association (NELA) and the Resource Management Law Association of New Zealand Inc (RMLA). The first proposal for an Australian Environmental Law Roundtable was released in June 2005. By October 2005, the name was changed to Environmental Law Roundtable of Australia and New Zealand (ELRANZ) with the creation of the joint project.

The ELRANZ provides a forum for discussion and development of proposals for the harmonisation of environmental law and policy throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is a multidisciplinary forum open to professionals, government departments and agencies, statutory corporations, business, industry, NGOs, academics and students. Regional, District and Local Government are included as many regulatory actions are within the local sphere.

The current degree of interconnection between the Australian and New Zealand economies and the prospect of further convergence as a result of Closer Economic Relations provides a commercial impetus for initiative such as ELRANZ. At Central Government level regular meetings between relevant Ministers and Senior Officials at the Environment Protection and Heritage Councils of Australia and New Zealand ("EPHC") provides a further impetus for co-operation at professional levels within the jurisdictions.

There are two main ways to get involved. Registrations of interest can occur at anytime. ELRANZ is a networking opportunity. Send an email to John Haydon as Convenor to start the process. Without the payment of any fee, you can become an ELRANZ Associate and receive ongoing information about Roundtable activities and projects. Being an ELRANZ Associate gives (a) information on ELRANZ projects; and (b) when one project catches your interest, you can become a stakeholder and participate in the project. We do not disclose your email or contact details without your permission but we would like you to join the publicly available list of the names of Associates. This will encourage others to become Associates and so the stakeholder network will grow.

Secondly, you can also become a member of the ELRANZ Working Group and assist in research projects and/or developing papers on particular topics. Working Group members have the opportunity to have a greater degree of involvement. You can be an Associate and a Working Group member at the same time. To belong to ELRANZ, email johnhaydon@ecodirections.com

John Haydon
Level 5, 217 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Email: johnhaydon@ecodirections.com